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MAZE of Life

The MAZE of Life is a project of the CCHC as a way to connect with adolescent students and provide them with the opportunity to witness about life choices/decisions and consequences of their decisions. The MAZE of Life is an event is provided to all 8th grade students in Chaves County. ENMU-R has graciously donated their gymnasium where the event has been held. The event is an interactive life-sized activity designed to expose teens to life events and/or circumstances in a safe environment so they can better understand the consequences (good and bad) of their decisions. During the adolescent years teens are faced with many decisions, some good and some bad, some of which they are not ready for, and most certainly the decisions they make can lead be devastating and potentially life changing.

ABOUT MAZE of life

The MAZE provides for a time and safe space for teens to learn experientially about life’s choices/decisions and the potential consequences of their choices/decisions. When teens are faced with having to make a choice or decision, they might be more apt to decide on the best decision for themselves because of their experience during the MAZE event. In addition, the MAZE also provides for teens to experience topics of potential careers, so the student to begin exploring and setting goals for their future

The MAZE of Life event is set up in a maze (booth) style format and as students make their way through the MAZE they have the opportunity to visit and interact with each booth vendor. We recommend every booth vendor provides an interactive, engaging and fun experience with the students with their specialty topic, for example, teens are asked to decide based on the topic presented, then the group has opportunity to discuss the decision and lessons learned. Some of the topics for prior MAZE events have included: the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving; how to prevent suicide and help someone in need; the dangers of vaping THC; healthy relationships; career choices, etc.

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